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25 Christmas Traditions

If you are looking for a Christmas Tradition or a new addition to your traditions here are some festive ideas!

1. Christmas Eve box- A box to enjoy on Christmas Eve with a Christmas movie, pajamas, snacks, and beverage.

Photo Credit: Frugal Fanatic

Photo Credit: Frugal Fanatic

2. Cookies for Santa- Self explanatory, if Santa is on a diet maybe ants on a log is a better option!
3. Gifts wrapped from mom and dad and gifts from Santa unwrapped- The thought behind this is that Elves make gifts (not wrap them) so any toys from Santa should already be put together and ready to play. These gifts are under the tree as well as wrapped gifts from mom and dad.
4. Christmas pajamas- Prepare for Christmas morning by dawning super comfy and new pajamas.
5. Christmas movies- Go see a movie on Christmas day but prepared the theaters are usually very busy on Christmas.
6. Yearly Christmas ornaments- Let the kids pick out one new ornament for the tree each year.
7. Christmas pictures- If you are brave enough to try to get the entire family to smile at once!

Awkward Family Photo Submitted by Samantha

Awkward Family Photo
Submitted by Samantha

8. Christmas card/newsletter- Write a blerb telling our friends and family what your family has been up to this past year.
9. 25 Christmas books- Give the kids one book for each of the 25 days of Christmas.
10. Caroling- Sing in your house, sing at grandma’s, or sing around your neighborhood, just be jolly!
11. Good deed (lay away angel)- Pay off a portion of someones lay away, pay for the food of the person in front of you, or just any good deed your heart desires.

Layaway Angels  Brandon Goodwin/ Today

Layaway Angels
Brandon Goodwin/ Today

12. Christmas craft- Thanks to pinterest crafts are easy to find let your kids get their excitement out and make a craft.
13. Elf on the shelf- A book and a elf doll. The elf is there to watch your kids and report back to Santa.
14. Fill shoes with candy- Have your kids leave their shoes out and fill them with candy (instead of stockings or along side).
15. Pick a Christmas tree- Take your whole family to a Christmas tree farm and pick the perfect tree. Or just go to the store and let them choose a fake tree if cutting down a tree just is not for you.
16. Decorate Christmas tree- Play Christmas Music and decorate the Christmas tree together one ornament at a time.
17. Flour and glitter footprints for Santa- Keep the magic alive and have your kids wake up to Santa footprints around the house.
18. Gingerbread houses- Build a gingerbread house together or have a gingerbread house building competition!
19. Theater nutcracker or Christmas carol- Have the family dress up and go watch a therater production of a Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker.
20. Holiday lights show- Drive around the neighborhood with the best lights display and ooohhh and ahhh all the way!
21. Visiting Santa- Go sit on Santa’s lap, take pictures, and pray your kid won’t cry!
22. Write letters to Santa- Have your kids write a letter to Santa. Maybe challenge them to make it a poem. Either way its a great way to find out what they want.
23. Christmas cracker- An English tradition you can buy at a store or online. You pop the cracker and there are trinkets inside, a poem, a small toy, and a paper crown.

Christmas Cracker

24. Nativity- Take the family to see a live nativity. A great way to bring about religious conversations with your kids.
25. Pick a country- Let your kids pick a different country each year and try out one of their unique holiday traditions. A great learning experience!


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